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Welcome to SMO Metals & Energy Pvt. Ltd., a uniquely diversified company across the broad spectrum of rare earth resources with main interests in metal and salts extraction from slag or ore. The Company was incorporated as a private limited company in March 2022 headquartered at Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India. Spearheaded under the guidance and exemplary vision of Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali, the Company has established a strong foothold and succeed in extraction of Rare Earth Metals and salts from slag or ore. Our will be the first plant in India who succeed in doing it. We have also applied for patent.
There will be no surprise to the statement that India will be rising as an economic superpower of the next decade. Our people and our valuable minerals and metals resources are our most important asset and foundation for success. At SMO Metals & Energy, we strive everyday to tap the rare earth mineral like Tantalum and Niobium pentoxide from waste/ slag of tin metals which is present in India to meet the local and industrial requirement of metal along with creating employment opportunities for thousands of households.


Our Journey

A tale of passion, perseverance, and innovation

Initial Stage
At that time Mr. Sayyad Akhtar Ali started manufacturing of Tin ingot from Tin Ore.
Laying the Foundation
Mr Sayyad Akhtar Ali had initiated his working in extraction of rare earth metals and salts from Tin slag.
Private limited
Mr. Sayyad Akhtar Ali then started his Company under the name SMO Metals and Energy Pvt. Ltd.The land purchased for metals and salts extraction at Bhilwara, Rajasthan.
Innovations and Expansions
Conducted research and development on process to extract Rare Earth Metals and salts from slag and ore. Also applied for patent for the same.
There are several methods for extracting the same material, however our method will produce tantalum and niobium pentoxide with purity of 99.9% and recovery of 95% rate at a very cheap cost and with no impact on the environment.
The Vision

Planning to set up manufacturing unit at Bhilwara, Rajasthan to work on rare earth metals and salts.

Target Turnover-1000crore

Our Journey Continues
Our commitment to innovation, sustainability,and growth propels us forward

With a Plant Capacity as follows

TIN Ingot

Capacity- 864 MT Per year (72 Ton Per Month) (3 Ton Per Day)

Tantalum Pento Oxide-(Ta2O5)

Capacity- 288 MT Per year (24 Ton Per Month) (1 Ton Per Day)


Capacity- 240 MT Per year (20 Ton Per Month) (0.7 Ton Per Day)

Niobium Pento Oxide- (Nb2O5)

Capacity- 216 MT Per year (18 Ton Per Month) (0.6 Ton Per Day)


Head Office:

Factory Unit :

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