Our Journey…

Started as sub-contractor
The Start

It all started when Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali and his two brothers Mr. Saiyyed Mohbbat Ali and Mr. Saiyyed Afsar Ali started the business as subcontractor in individual capacity.

Mining Activities

We added mining activities and to other contractors to the portfolio for stone supplying.

Company Started
Formed M/s Saiyyed Akhtar
All the three promotors formed a partnership firm by the name of M/s Saiyyed Akhtar Ali to operate the construction business across India.
Meghnagar, Jhabua (M.P.)
Manufacturing of Ferro Alloys (Metal)

The group diversified its portfolio in the field of manufacturing of Ferro Alloys (Metal) by taking up job Work contract at Meghnagar, Jhabua (M.P.)

Big Opportunity
SAA Group received four major work contracts from PWD-

○ BT renewal work of Uperwada Bargad road worth 27 Lacs.
○ BT Renewal work at Ratlam Mhow Road worth 1.41 Cr.
○ Construction of Bangrad to Jadwasa Kala road, Ratlam, amounting 1.05 Cr.
○ Construction R.U.B. at L.C. No.192YKM. 375/0 Jaora Phatak Ratlam, Amounting 4.37 Cr.

Road Project
Construction of SH-39

Construction of Sailana city road SH-39 Dist. Ratlam worth 10.63 Cr.

Major Updates
Expansion of new business

○ SMO Group added manufacturing of Silico Manganese to its portfolio on a subcontractor basis from SR Ferro ALloys.
○ The group has been transformed into a Private Limited Company by the name of SMO Ferro Alloys Private Limited.
○ Two more key leaders Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali and Mr. Saiyyed Murtuza Ali, sons of Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali joined the corporate.
○ Company turnover crossed 100 Cr.
○ SMO Industries acquired ferro alloys plant on lease for 5 years, and started manufacturing of silico manganese which is used in steel industry.

SAA Group acquired SR Ferro Alloys
1. SAA Group acquired SR Ferro Alloys on lease as SMO Ferro Alloys Pvt Ltd to further grow in Silico Manganese business.
2. We acquired two more plants for manufacturing of Manganese Oxide under our firm Owais Ali Overseas (Prop. Saiyyed Owais Ali) & Gharib Nawaz Infra (Partnership).
Oxygen plant at Pithampur (M.P.)
  • Completed more than INR 50.00 crore EPC work within 2 months of WMP (Essel Group).
  • We established oxygen plant at Pithampur (M.P.), to serve the nation during COVID-19 pandemic with the capacity of refilling 3000 cylinder per day.
  • The group acquired Granite mines in Rajsamand, from Rajasthan government with an area of 4.590 hectare.
  • Aluminium Extrusion Plant at Jaora was taken on lease.
  • Post 2 years of procurement and stocking of raw material, we started processing of wastage and metal extraction content from it.
  • We started our in-house research lab for processing of other wastage to extract gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper and other rare earth metals.
  • By 2020 we were processing all our slag in house.
  • We started processing unit of Ferro Alloys Slag in Chandarpur and Durgapur, for processing of other entity slags.
Year For SMO Industries
Incorporating subsidiaries of SMO:

Added more flags to our Group by incorporating subsidiaries of SMO:
○ SMO Gold Refinery Pvt. Ltd.
○ SMO Fragrance Distillery pvt. Ltd.
○ SMO Copper Smelting Pvt. Ltd.
○ SMO Metals & Energy Pvt. Ltd.
○ SMO Aluminium Pvt. Ltd.
○ SMO Research and Development Pvt. Ltd.

SMO Mineral and Metal Processing Pvt. Ltd. got recognized as leading start up in India.
● We acquired two more plants for manufacturing of Manganese Oxide under Owais Ali Overseas Firm.
● We acquired Granite Mines in Rajasthan under SMO Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

New Units
New Units built in Chandarpur and Durgapur

Processing unit for Ferro Alloys Slag was built in Chandarpur and Durgapur to process other
entity slags.
● We were successful in extracting all the elements form wastage with high purity.
● Laster we also started extracting lithium, nickle and cobalt from waste batteries.
● We expanded by acquiring exiting unit (on lease and purchased 5 plot near by)

India’s Biggest Manganese Ore Mines

● SMO Industries were allotted India’s Biggest Manganese Ore Mines in Rajasthan.
● In total 3 blocks have been allotted.
● We have formed subsidiaries and have acquired plots for executing waste processing projects in Rajasthan.

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