Established in 2003, as a partnership firm, M/S Saiyyed Akhtar Ali has progressed consistently over past 15 years. SAA Constructions are one of leading construction & infrastructure player with rich and diverse experience & expertise in industry serving government and non-government clients all over India. The Firm has strong presence in Road constructions, Railway infrastructure development, PWD projects. Over 18 years of our remarkable journey, firm has firmly gained a good reputation for meeting quality standards and timely delivery of projects, leadership and management. SAA Constructions have acquired a prime ranking amongst the top construction companies in Ratlam. Today, SAA Constructions is one of the most respected and renowned business entities in the market.

Business Division

M/s Saiyyed Akhtar Ali is committed to provide its high quality services. Our business division includes roads construction, bridges construction, supply of ballast to Indian Railway, crusher plants, mining activity of ballast and formation of sand from ballast


Our Journey
Started a business of contractor ship or as a sub contractor in Govt. and Private work. In 1997 1st Natural Stone Mine is allotted in Namli by Govt.
Initial Stage Partnership firm
Was incorporated in 2003 as a partnership firm by Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali along with four partners.
Laying the Foundation
Firm was awarded by 1st order from western railway for blast supply. In 2012 Firm registered as a contractor in PWD.
45 Cr. Contract
PWD Achievements
Firm received 5 major contract work from PWD, for the worth of approx.. 45 Cr. This work provide new height to the group.
Completed Western Railway Project
Growing Years
These are the year in which firm perform different types of Government and Non- Government work such as RMC work, Road, Bridge. Firm completed the western railway work in that year which is the big achievement for the group and also it added our net worth to new height and also provide the various experiences.
Entered In ferro alloys manufacturing
New turn in Firm Activity
That time Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali went in to the Manufacturing business line which provide new work to the firm. SAA firm took the contract for whole running of ferro alloys manufacturing plant as a contract basis. This work added new experience in the firm activity.
With the help of this work firm stated trading of major and minerals and metals which increase the growth and turnover of the firm.
Big Turn arrive
Biggest Achevment by Firm

Big Turn arrive in the Firm when one of young partner of the firm Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali through his knowledge and world wide experience added India’s Biggest Manganese Ore Mines in the firm, which is at the Banswara Rajasthan along with the Equity of 10.75% of Rajasthan Government.

Mine area is 1344.5 Hector with the reserve value of Rs. 700000 Cr.

This project bring the new height and opportunity in the firm.



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