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“SMO Industries” is one of the reliable group of companies. SMO Industries started its core business as construction company, since last 35 years it has diversified and expanded into sustainable metal recovery business from industrial waste. Our recovery plants are strategically located across India with facilities for multiple treatment, disposal and service centres Including the most active oil and gas producing regions of Eagle Ford and Permian Basins, we are locating unit in a different- different of location near to waste-generating industries. As specialists in the processing of materials containing precious metals, we recover your assets as quickly as possible, with the utmost transparency, consistency and maximal yield.

Zero Waste



To be recognized as the world’s leading manufacturing, mining and processing corporate with a focus on sustainable production and commitment to excellence.


To grow as a corporate by providing useful and valuable services and solutions to our customers at any time, and to expand into new areas based on our competencies and customer interests.

350.91 Cr

Turnover in FY 22-23


Total Land in Ratlam (in Hec.)


Successfully Project


Year of experience


Execution Capabilities

We have expertise in management and an excellent team to execute the contracts within the timeframe.


We are always passionate for opportunities and eager to adding more segments to diversify our portfolio.

Guaranteed Returns

The government’s price variation clause ensures a guaranteed stable margin in each contract work.

Timely Project Completion

SMO Industries determination and well-planned work execution, always ensure to complete any project well before the timeline.


SMO Industry Safely Delivers Superior Quality Work To Its Clients By Actively Embracing Our Core Values:


• Provide an environment in which our employees can do their work efficiently and effectively.


• We ensure to complete the project and deliver the product within the stipulate time frame so that we save operational and labour cost for our clients


• We believe that our greatest asset is our people, We providing them opportunities and support to grow and reach their full potential, promoting and assigning personal responsibilities to them in the process


• Conduct our business legally and ethically, build lasting relationships with our employees as well as our business partners through Honesty, Respect and Trust.


• We are focusing to completing projects on 0% wastage policy

Our Leadership…
We’re so happy you’re here. The concept is simple that we’re excited to have your time on our Profile.

Mr. Saiyyed Akhtar Ali

Excellent managerial decision maker backed by decade long experience in handling Construction and Silico Manganese manufacturing business. His expertise on the operational side of the business is commendable and his presence in each and every project is the reason for the excellent executionHe heads the metals and mining business of SMO Industries in the mining of major, precious and rare earths activities. Apart from construction and mining business, he is actively involved in philanthropic work as he believes in sticking to the roots. As a farmer’s son, he is involved in organic farming and has agricultural land equipped with advanced technology. His life has been a journey worth knowing and an inspiration to many people.

Mr. Saiyyed Mohabbat Ali

Having more than 15 years of experience in the construction industry. Mr. Saiyyed Mohabbat Ali is one of the people who has contributes his profound knowledge of construction and equipment to fuel the growth of the Group in all the construction activities. He manages and leads every Construction work of the SMO Industries and also visits plants across India to take-over of their wastage. A true leader with a vision to serve the industry with the highest standard of quality. He is driven by the core philosophy of “Great things need patience”.

Mr. Saiyyed Afsar Ali

A dynamic and passionate professional with a proven track record of outstanding contribution. He is known for utilizing his decade long experience and taking great decisions in the Gitti mining business. He has the ability to successfully complete challenging tasks without any nervousness. He follows the strategy of offering high quality products and accepting small profits as he is committed to enhance and maintain the industry standards

Mr. Saiyyed Owais Ali

Young, dynamic and new generation Civil Engineer. Always ready to apply his knowledge and plan things in an efficient manner. He handles the Real Estate and Construction Business of SMO Industries. He is always eager to work on new ideas and wants to take the company to the new heights peak.

Mr. Saiyyed Murtuza Ali

Youngest and Enthusiastic Director of our company. His main focus is on the diversified business market. His capabilities and vision will take SMO Industries to new heights. He understands the impact of his family business and its legacy, and is determined to take the business to new heights in the future.
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