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Welcome to SMO Industries

“SMO Industries” is one of the reliable group of companies. SMO Industries started its core business as construction company, since last 35 years it has diversified and expanded into sustainable metal recovery business from industrial waste. Our recovery plants are strategically located across India with facilities for multiple treatment, disposal and service centres Including the most active oil and gas producing regions of Eagle Ford and Permian Basins, we are locating unit in a different- different of location near to waste-generating industries. As specialists in the processing of materials containing precious metals, we recover your assets as quickly as possible, with the utmost transparency, consistency and maximal yield.
Our Employee Resources and feet of Equipment, along with our Engineering Skills and Capabilities, enable us to execute projects that involve varying degrees of complexity. We believe that our in-house integrated model and efficient project execution have helped us in executing projects while maintaining Quality Standards through all these years.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the world’s leading manufacturing, mining and processing corporate with a focus on sustainable production and commitment to excellence.

Our Mission

To grow as a corporate by providing useful and valuable services and solutions to our customers at any time, and to expand into new areas based on our competencies and customer interests.

SMO Industries Activities

SMO Industriesl Group has grown significantly in its area of expertise. The Group is now foraying into allied as well as diverse areas that will further strengthen its position as leader of the future.

M/S Sayyad Akhtar Ali

□ CivilConstruction Work- Government and Private.
□ Trading of Major & Minor Minerals and metals.
□ Supplier of Sand, Gitti and other Construction Material.
□ Infrastructure Work.
□ Manufacturing of Crushed Stone (Stone Crusher Plant)
□ Processing of Manganese Ore.
□ Mining of Manganese Ore.

M.O. Industries

□ CivilConstruction Work- Non-Government Work.
□ Trading of Major & Minor Minerals and Metals.
□ Sand Plant at Bamniya.
□ Stone Crusher Mines.
□ Processing of Tin Slag.
□ Addition Extraction of Lead and Zinc.

V.R. Construction

A premier company in India’s Steel Industry. The company manufactures Steel Pipes.

□ CivilConstruction Work.
□ Trading of Major & Minor Minerals and Metals.
□ Sand and Gitti Supply and Manufacturing.
□ Manufacturing of Crushed Stone.
□ Processing of Manganese Ore.

S.A. Infrastructure

□ CivilConstruction Work.
□ Trading of Major & Minor Minerals and Metals.
□ Sand and Gitti Supply and Manufacturing.
□ Manufacturing of Crushed Stone.

Owais Metal & Mineral Processing Limited (Owais Ali Overseas)

□ Manufacturing of Manganese Oxide (plant on lease agreement with Azad Enterprises).
□ Manufacturing of Ready Mix Concrete.
□ Trading of Major and Minor Minerals and Metals.
□ Artificial Sand Manufacturing (VSI plant-150 TPH).
□ Processing of Manganese Ore.
□ Manufacturing and processing of center and Charcoal.
□ Manufacturing of Ferro Manganese.
□ Processing of Quartz.

M/s Garib Nawaz Infra

□ Manufacturing of Manganese Oxide (plant On Lease Agreement with AM enterprises).
□ Trading of Major and Minor Minerals and Metals.
□ Sand, Bricks and Gitti Supply and Manufacturing.
□ Manufacturing of Electrolyte Manganese Metal and Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate.

SMO Ferro Alloys Pvt Ltd & Subsidiaries

□ Manufacturing of Silico manganese & Ferro Silicon.
□ Processing of Ferro Alloys slag.
□ Mining of Granite, Quartz & Feldspar.
□ Extraction of Gold and Silver. (upcoming)
□ Extraction of Copper. (upcoming)
□ Extraction of Lead & Zinc. (Upcoming)
□ Manufacturing of Pig Iron, Coke and Power.
□ Manufacturing of Tantalum Pentoxide & Niobium Pentoxide (Rare Earth Minerals Processing). (Upcoming)
□ Extraction of Lithium, Cobalt and Nickle from Black MASS. (Upcoming)
□ Extracting of Black MASS from battery scrap. (Upcoming)


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Provide an environment in which our employees can do their work efficiently and effectively.

We Follow Our Core Values

SMO Industry Safely Delivers Superior Quality Work To Its Clients By Actively Embracing Our Core Values:

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